AHU System - HVAC Systems

AHUs are provided with appropriate pre-filters and terminal High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) air filters, heaters for heating and chilled water coils for cooling. The Clean Room areas are maintained at appropriate positive air pressures (with pressure differential of 15 Pascal in lower grade room) to avoid the contamination and relative humidity (RH) of 30% to 50% RH. The Clean Rooms are maintained at temperature between 20º C to 25º C. Clean Rooms are designed for air changes not less that 40 / hr. All the areas having a different AHUs.

All the manufacturing facility located with corridor having a 5 Pascal positive pressure to avoid the contamination causes. All the different classified areas have a different colour code to identify the area easily.

Air Handling Unit comprises of Double Skin Modular Extruded Aluminum Thermal break Profile frame construction 43 mm thick with CFC Free PUF Insulation Density - 38 kg / cu.m (+ / 2 kg). Plug type direct driven fan of Kruger make – Amca certified statically and dynamically balanced, canvass connection , drive package with taper lock pulleys, electric motor, base frame for fan motor assembly, vibration isolator, access door for maintenance.

TEFC foot mounted induction motor suitable for 415 V + 1-%, 50 Hz 3 phase supply, insulation class F, degree of protection IP 5, conforms to IS : 325. Coil section with 6 rows deep CW coil with aluminum corrugated fins and seamless copper tubes. Condensate single skin 20G. S.S. drain pan with 10mm thick insulation outside. r Heater provided where required other than Bry Air Dehumidifiers installed. Filter section with 50 mm thick pre filer washable type (efficiency : 90% down to 10 microns). Mixing box with RA & FA opening with require aluminum dampers. SA side fine filter section with 300 mm thick (95% dn to 3m ) Fine filters. SA side Fine filter section with 300 mm thick (99.9% dn to 0.3 m ) Hepa filters.

WATER System

Bore well water is the main source for water. Water is processed in following manner for various purposes:

Total 16 sampling points are provided for water system monitoring. Cleaning, sanitation and validation plan is followed as per standard operating procedures.

    R.O./D.M. Plant
  • Plant capacity is 10,000 lits per shift.
  • Plant has different units like carbon filter, sand filter, RO cartridge, Cation Bed, Anion Bed, Mixed Bed, 1 micron & 0.2 microns filters & double U.V.
  • Treated water stores in SS-316L grade tanks.
  • A loop system for continuos circulation of treated water.
  • SS-316 grades pipes for supply at different user points.
  • Periodic validation of the plant to ensure the quality of water.
  • A well designed waste water treatment plant.